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Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Package

Unlock Knuckle Pain and Hand Numbness With One Day Surgery

Health Check Up Program which you can add on additional programs refer to your health concerns

Arthroscopic Package Small incisions, Fast recovery, Less pain

Covid-19 screening services from a certificated medical laboratory upon hygiene standard with certificate providing

Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy Screening under moderate sedation

242x370-px-Colorectal cancer-screening

Attention Please! Age 50 or older are at Risk of Colonrectal Cancer. Colorectal Cancer Screening should be considered for taking


"Stomach Disease /Gastric Disorder Abdominal Pain. Bloating , Frequent Belching , indigestion" Resulted from H.PYLORI Bacteria , A risk of Stomach Cancer.


Immunization by Cervical Cancer Vaccine (HPV) GARDASIL 9 for kid between 9-14 years old and over 15 years old


Working Hard for Stronger Heart - Heart Center Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai "We care for all hearts"


Can Keep you Healthy and Keep Away Diseases


The Perfect Body will no longer be difficult with personalized weight-loss programs

Neuro Health Check-up Programs for neurological and brain examination packages to prevent stroke


Our Premier room has been designed with the comfort, privacy, and safety of the patient in mind.