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TELOMERE Package - Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai

TELOMERE Indicator cellular aging and deterioration of the body.

Aero Allergy Skin Test - Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai

  Aero Allergy Skin Test Price 3,300 bath. Today –  31 December 2022 Internal Medicine Department | Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai Tel. 052-0898888 or 1719

High-Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT)-Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai

High-Intensity Laser Therapy(HILT). is an effective treatment option that is unique in its ability to penetrate through bone, soft tissue, and muscle to deliver healing light energy to the cells of the body.

Arthroscopic Package Small incisions, Fast recovery, Less pain

Covid-19 screening services from a certificated medical laboratory upon hygiene standard with certificate providing


Working Hard for Stronger Heart - Heart Center Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai "We care for all hearts"


Can Keep you Healthy and Keep Away Diseases


Healthy Heart starts with Heart Diseases Prevention!

Ready To Fly Program, Ensure you are in top flying condition at all times.


Your vision is precious. Our expert team of ophthalmologists provide high quality eye care using state-of-the-art medical equipment.

health checkup for kid 2022 -Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai

We offer a wide range of health check-up packages for children depending on their age.

Service Beyond Expectation for pregnant mothers with High-Quality Antenatal Care Packages.

Women over 35 years old should start to consider to take Breast Cancer Screening