Here are some tips to help you have a great healthy Thanksgiving. Don’t let the holidays make you gain weight.


Drink lots of water to replenish lost fluids. Alcohol and salty foods can make your body dehydration.

2.Eat before the party

Never party on empty stomach, it can make you overindulge of food. Grab some healthy snack or meal before attend the part. Furthermore, alcohol is absorbed faster on empty stomach.

3.Know your own limits

Alcohol consumption in moderation. Over drinking can make you hangover and other health problems. Remember not to drink and drive.

4.Eat more veggies and use healthy snack

Make sure half of your plate is filled with veggies. Eat lean meat or protein and healthy starch. Avoid sugary and greasy food. ‘Eat the best, leave the rest’, you don’t need to finish all food. Try to limit yourself only 1 dessert a day. Read more

5. Celebrate the moment

Holiday is not all about food and drinks. Celebrate the season with your friends and family.

6. Stay active

Dancing in the party! Take the stairs! Walk around! And don’t forget to schedule your work outs like you do party or you can have some simple exercise in your own home.

7.Enjoy the outdoors.

Enjoy the weather and nature. Sunlight can make you feel relax by increasing vitamin D and serotonin production.


Get a good night sleep after the party to recover yourself. Sleep deprivation can lead to weaken your immune, weight gain and increase chance to have late night snack.

And don’t forget to have fun and laugh!

Thanida Ua-areechit, M.D.

Pediatric Nutrition

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