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Health Promotion Center Bangkok Hospital is committed to provide health care services for your beloved ones. Because good health is very precious and important for life, the health check-up programs have been established and set up specifically for people based on their gender, age, and occupational risk in daily life. These programs will definitely help to detect health problems from the beginning with the assistance of healthcare multidisciplinary team of experts and their guidance with healthcare behaviour adjustment in order to prevent future diseases with highly international standard of services.

  • Personal Health Check-Up
    The physical condition changes according to gender and age. The Health Promotion Center has provided individual risk assessment of disease in each gender and age group as service clients can choose check-up program accordingly and appropriately as follows:

    • Vital Check-up (for persons under the age of 30)
    • Advance Check-up (for persons aged 30-40)
    • Executive Male Check-up (for persons aged 41-55)
    • Executive Female Check-up (for persons aged 41-55)
    • Comprehensive Male Check-up (for persons aged 55 or older)
    • Comprehensive Female Check-up (for persons aged 55 or older)
  • Employee Health Check-up
  • Employee Health Check-up especially for occupational risks such as Pulmonary Function Tests, Audiometry, etc.
  • Requesting a medical certificate for working in confined spaces
  • Health Check-up for offshore workers
  • Health Check-up for underwater workers
  • Pre-Insurance Health Check-up: Adult/Child
  • Pre-Departure Health Check-up
  • Pre-Employment & Pre-Placement Health Check-up
  • Work Availability Assessment Health Check-up
  • Employee Resuming Work Health Check-up
  • Annual Health Check-up for Employees
  • Health Check-up for Work Permit: Foreigners
  • Vaccination Services for Various Diseases

Health Check-up Process

  • Fill in your information, health history, lifestyle, etc.
  • Individualized program recommended by nurse or healthcare specialist team
  • Weight and height measurement and eye examination
  • Intensive explanation about health check-up procedure by nurse or healthcare specialist team
  • Blood collection and laboratory analysis
  • Health check-up result informed by specialist doctor
  • In case of abnormal results or having suspicious topic or question, you can get medical advice from a specialist doctor immediately.

Pre-health check-up Instruction

  • Do not eat and drink except water at least 12 hours before check-up.
  • In case of upper gastrointestinal tract radiography, patient must abstain from all kind of food and drink.
  • Please bring previous results, medical record, or any other medical history to support the diagnosis of the doctor.
  • Patient must abstain from alcohol at least 24 hours before check-up.
  • Patient should sleep at least 6-8 hours before the examination. Sleep deprivation can result in abnormalities especially blood pressure, heartbeat, and body temperature.
  • Do not overdo the exercise at least 24 hours before the examination.
  • Female patient should abstain from health check-up before and after menstruation for 7 days. During menstruation, for urine examination, blood is contaminated in the urine and it will affect the results.
  • Mammograms should not be conducted during menstruation because the breast is very dense during this period.
  • For suspected pregnancy, please inform the staff before the examination.

Guidance for Exercise Stress Test (EST)

  • Do not eat, smoke, and drink including tea, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, as well as some painkillers at least 3 hours before the test.
  • For patient who has diabetes, please consult with the doctor for what can be eaten before the test.
  • For patient who needs to take medications regularly, please consult with the doctor before the test.
  • Sipping a bit of water before the test can be done.
  • Put on appropriate attire for the examination.

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