The Best Indoor Air Quality – For Us All!

In order to create the best indoor climate, with concerns every detail of patients' health and safety, Bangkok Hospital Chiangmai has invested significantly to ensure that the air quality inside hospital wide meets the strictest international standards. Whenever visiting our hospital, you will be surrounded by the high safety atmosphere.




Chiang Mai's Air Quality Today



WHO PM2.5 Targets

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai’s positive pressure system is designed to meet WHO air quality targets of below 10 μg/m³ PM2.5 -even during the Chiang Mai smoke season.




PM 2.5 Daily Monitoring

At Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai, we use air detectors to monitor, record, and report PM2.5 levels in every areas hospitalwide: patient wards, lobbies and corridors, Centers of Excellence and clinics. Daily Report has shown on screen at the 1st floor lobby.



a man monitors air quality

The Positive Pressure System


Our implementing measure and innovations as following;

  1. The ventilation system of the hospital has double-layer air filtering systems;

- Air filter for enormous particulate matter (larger than 10 microns)

- Air filter for tiny particulate matter (smaller than 2.5 microns), with more than 80% effectiveness.

   2. Air filters are annually changed.

   3. Air filters are cleaned monthly following a maintenance cycle.

   4. Air curtains are installed at every entering point of buildings.


With our positive pressure ventilation and high maintenance systems, PM 2.5 pollution would be prevented from outside. Leading patients and visitors to receive more good air quality hospitalwide: the lobby, clinics, and wards.




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