Chiang Mai is recognized reputation as a trusted center for Medical Tourism within Thailand by boasting a remarkable combination of medical excellence, friendly hospitality, and unique cultural encompassing of culinary delights, traditional herbs, and medicine. This unique combination sets Chiang Mai apart as an exceptional provider of differentiated healthcare services. Consequently, Chiang Mai has evolved into a significant focal point for tourists exploring Thailand

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai, one of the leading hospitals stands as premier healthcare institutions to the promotion of health among the residents of Chiang Mai. It plays a significant role in the realm of Medical Tourism, extending a warm welcome to both tourists and visitors including FIT groups, Long Stay groups, and Digital Nomad.

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai have The International Medical Services Department to assist overseas visitors in overcoming language and cultural barriers when visiting the hospital.  Our services team is able to provide translation services in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Myanmar and French. Also support for over 24 other languages is available to assist by phone 24/7  

In the year 2023, Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai take great pride in introducing our visiter to Chiang Mai through the Chiang Mai City Map. Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai are offering the latest updates on essential tourist attractions, dining, accommodations, and exclusive service discounts from our esteemed hospital partners.

Moreover, Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai have thoughtfully included a compendium of health advice tips to the needs of travelers. This guidance encompasses topics such as Eat Healthy – Be Healthy, Choking, Heat Stroke, Essential vaccinations, and etc. This is to ensure that every experience of your journey remains seamless, safe, and imbued with daily smiles in Chiang Mai.


Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai, fully prepared to offer both preventive healthcare services and medical treatments to tourists and visitors in 24 hours a day

Please contact Tel. 052 089 888 or click here to inquire.

Special! New Services Clinic for tourists (Tha Phae Gate area) at 8.00-20.00 Everyday.

Please contact Tel. 052 089 714 Or click here to inquire

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