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Our Services

Mental Health Clinic or Jittarak Clinic is one of special clinics at Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai which provide treatment of mental health problems and psychiatric disorders for Thai and non Thai-speaking patients. Treatment is provided by psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, specialized nurse and counselor for all age groups including children, youth, adults and elderly. Patient-centered is a main approach following standard of care by multidisciplinary team. Mental Health Clinic also provides both pharmacological and psychological treatment for addiction and substance use disorder including tobacco, alcohol and other illicit drugs.

Why do person have to see a psychiatrist?

Seeing a psychiatrist does not mean that you are weak or vulnerable. Nowadays, people face several problems. Some problems affect person’s daily life and function such as daily stress, anxiety, sleeping problem or mood changes. Some problems affect other people as well such as marital or family conflicts, adjustment issue or crisis in life. These mental related problems can be helped effectively with psychological treatment by mental health professionals.

Service provided by Mental Health Clinic

  • Assessment and treatment for mental illness and psychological or behavioral problems in children and adolescence including school related problems, poor concentration and relationship problems with friends and family members
  • Assessment and treatment for mental illness and psychological or behavioral problems in adults including anxiety, sleeping problems, mood swing, depression and self-harm behavior
  • Assessment and treatment for mental illness and psychological or behavioral problems in elderly including problems with concentration or decision making, depressed mood, sleep changes and social withdrawal
  • Assessment and treatment for addiction and substance use disorder including alcohol, tobacco, methamphetamine, cannabis and other drugs. Methadone treatment program for opioid use disorder is included as well
  • Counseling or psychological treatment for individual, group, couple or family and other non-pharmacological treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be admitted to the hospital for mental illness?

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai provides treatment for mental illness and psychological or behavioral problems at outpatient department. Admission to the hospital would be provided for patients with severe withdrawal symptoms from substance abuse or patients with mental disorder and co-occurring medical conditions. Appropriate referral would be made in some severe conditions as determined by attending psychiatrist.

I am afraid that other will know that I see psychiatrist here. What should I do?

Your identification and mental health records are confidential. However, confidentiality can be broken for some reasons including threat to self or others, life-threatening medical conditions or court orders.

After I stopped using heroin, I have aches throughout my body, difficulties in sleeping and craving symptoms. What treatment is available for my condition?

Treatment for opioid use disorder including heroin is combination of pharmacological treatment (Methadone) and psychological treatment. These can help patients change their drug related behaviors and prevent relapse in the future.

Please call Mental Health Clinic as far in advance as possible to schedule or cancel your appointment. This will make it easier to choose times that are most convenient for you. Giving us as much notice as possible helps us better serve you and our other patients.

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