It is important for stroke patients to seek medical attention right away. Immediate treatment may minimize the long-term effects of a stroke and even prevent death. Thanks to recent advances, stroke treatments, and survival rates have improved greatly over the last decade.

Mr. Sun was admitted to the Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai Emergency Room in May 2019 because of sudden chest pain. “The time it took to complete the surgery once I arrived at the Emergency Room was very fast,” said Mr. Sun. “If not for the excellent staff and hospital, I might have died in Chiang Mai.” Mr. Sun and his family are very satisfied with the quality of service received and the cost of the procedure performed at the Heart Center. “Excellent price and the best service,” said Mr. Sun. “It was much cheaper than the same surgery in China.”

“Thank you to the Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai staff for their swift action and excellent care, especially Ms. Queenqi from Marketing whom we first contacted for help, Nurse Anchanika Trungtawachai from Registration, Dr. Disorn Vasuntaraporn from the Emergency and Trauma center and the entire ER Team, Dr. Thanawat Benjanuwattra from the Heart Center and the ICU staff, and the Chinese interpreter.”

- Mr. Sun