After living in Chiang Mai for the best part of two decades, it transpired that some arteries of my heart had become clogged or dangerously narrowed. Stents were not a sensible option anymore, because it would require multiple procedures. So, I decided to have quadruple heart bypass surgery.

After checking for the best cardiology surgeon in town, I decided on Dr. Weerachai Nawarawong at Bangkok Hospital in Chiang Mai. It was my best hospital experience ever. The ICU is state-of-the-art with the newest equipment. The ICU staff are world-class, and Dr. Weerachai is very experienced and extremely competent. I never had the feeling of being a customer. Rather, I always was treated as a personal guest by him.

I was moved to the ward after four days in the ICU. I enjoyed a pleasant atmosphere and a supportive recovery environment from highly competent staff.

Bangkok Chiang Mai Hospital is definitely not the cheapest option in town. You can have a heart bypass surgery performed for 2/3 of the price at other facilities. However, I wanted the best doctors, a supportive recovery environment, and a single once in a lifetime experience. Khun Kwan has been an excellent, helpful, and caring coordinator of my treatment.

Thanks to all staff at Bangkok Hospital in Chiang Mai, including the Rehabilitation Center and the nutritionist!

- Mr. Juergen Konrad Polte