Dr. Nathabhorn Tongkitcharoen

Skin Biopsy

is cutting or slice a sample of skin lesions to have a pathological examination. According to skin disease diagnosis, viewing lesions and preliminary lab examinations are not enough to diagnose the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to take a biopsy with the following indications:

1. Suspected cancer lesions
2. Lesions with unclear diagnoses
3. Lesions that require pathological confirmation for the treatment plan

There are two techniques for skin biopsies, Shave biopsy and Punch biopsy. A punch biopsy is the most popular technique because of these following reasons

1. Have a small wound with size 3 -4 mm because it uses the special punch biopsy equipment. Biopsy equipment is pen-like and the nib has a whole, made from sharp iron to press onto the skin biopsy and suture with 2-3 needles.
2. Save time as spend only 10-20 minutes
3. After the biopsy is done, can go home.
4. The result can be got within 1 week
5. The medical test result will be read by a national doctor who expert both pathology and dermatology.


1. Indicate the location of the lesions which will be done a biopsy.
2. Clean the lesion area.
3. Inject Regional Analgesia.
4. Press the equipment onto the skin biopsy that you want to inspect.
5. Close the wound with 2-3 sutures
6. Stitch off within 5-7 days.

Dr. Nathabhorn Tongkitcharoen
Dermatology and Family Medicine
Skin and Aesthetic Clinic