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Kidney is an important organ of the body because it helps to filter water, salt, and excess chemicals that the body does not want and remove them as wastes out of the body. For patients with chronic renal failure, their kidney is not able to completely eliminate the waste. As a result, small wastes are in the blood system and it is necessary for blood to be cleaned with the hemodialysis machine at least 2-3 times a week so that body systems can function normally.

Hemodialysis Clinic Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai consists of specialized nephrologists and the nursing team, specializing in chronic renal failure with hemodialysis training by the renal association, along with nutritionists and pharmacists to give expert advice on nutrition knowledge, proper food intake, and appropriate medication in order to ensure that the treatment of kidney disease is effective and beneficial to all patients.

Services of Hemodialysis Clinic

  • Hemodialysis consists of regular hemodialysis and online hemodiafiltration to increase the ability of waste removal by using Ultrapure Reverse Osmosis system certified by the Thai Kidney Society
  • Hemodialysis in ICU room for critical care with Reverse Osmosis Mobile device
  • Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) available 24 hours for patients with acute renal failure and in crisis condition that regular hemodialysis cannot be used
  • Adsorption for hemodialysis patients with too many toxins in the body and drug overdose
  • Therapeutic Plasmapheresis (TPE) and Double Filtration Plasmapheresis (DFPP) for patients with blood diseases or some autoimmune diseases.

Hemodialysis Clinic Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai provides private rooms for hemodialysis services with clean environment, popular entertainment, and modern facilities for patients and relatives throughout the dialysis service with international standards. Because of flexible and friendly services, patients and relatives can be involved in planning process throughout the treatment. Temporary access to services is also available for business people, tourists, and foreigners with staff to facilitate the reservation according to the date and time required.

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