On October 14, 2020, Major General Niwat Boonyuen, M.D., Director of Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai gave an opening remark of the proper handwashing campaign on Global Handwashing Day 2020, which Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai organizes on October 15 of every year. Expert Doctors and nurses campaigned with people from all over the world to make patients and Chiang Mai people realize the importance of the 6 steps of handwashing with soap. Furthermore, there is a giving a certificate to the Royal Life Anti-Aging Department as a department with the highest percentage, 100%, of patients' perception of hand cleaning over the past year.

At the event "BCM Hand Washing Day", there was a demonstration of proper handwashing by doctors and administrators of the hospital, which consisted of 6 steps: washing of the palms, back of hands, knuckles, thumbs, fingertips, and wrists, or called ""Front, Back, Fist, Thumb, Tip, Wrist" including dancing Corona Virus song from representatives of nurses from various departments to brighten up the event. Besides, hand soap was distributed to interested people and visitors at the hospital lobby on the first floor.

Proper handwashing is a thing that Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai gives importance to and campaign continuously not only in the medical staff and staff of all departments who act regularly but also to public relations. It is to increase awareness and realize the importance of handwashing among patients. Moreover, there has been an event, teaching handwashing to educate the organization, shopping malls, schools, and communities in Chiang Mai, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic. Handwashing is not only one of the key factors in effectively protecting ourselves from the virus also creates good hygiene in the prevention of other Communicable diseases. Besides, experts from around the world realize that hand washing is a productive, easy, and cost-effective way to prevent and control the spread of pathogens. 5, 6 World Health Organization (WHO)

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