In accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health, Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai focuses on preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Managed in and out of the building with a front door and a rear door, passengers are strictly screened by medical staff, while wearing surgery masks are also a must.

Our double-door antimicrobial ventilation system is designed to add another layer of health and safety.

The Isolated Acute Respiratory Infection Unit is allocated to separate Covid-19 patients from those who receive general services. Hospital-wide, alcohol service points are to facilitate hand washing in all departments and corridors. Physical Distancing protocol and touchpoints cleaning are in all areas according to the international standards.

Pediatric Center Tour

Pediatric Center Tour

BCM Pediatric's Facilities

Safety Zone with Medical Devices for Children

According to strict measures to control the spread of COVID-19, The Pediatric Center Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai
separates zones and spaces, provides alcohol services, uses social distancing, and sanitizes areas and
touchpoints to ensure children’s safety and parents’ trust.

However, parents are advised to recognize the importance of taking children to visit
a pediatrician on a regular basis for child development and growth during the new normal.

1. Well Baby Center

Provides checkup services and vaccination by age for children to ensure proper child development and growth.

2. Pediatric Center

Provides treatment services in separated treatment rooms including a treatment room for child patients with respiratory disorders and a treatment room for general child patients.

3. Non-Respiratory Illness Zone

3. Non-Respiratory Illness Zone

In order to avoid the risk of contracting the disease and the spread of the virus, non-respiratory illness zone and medical equipment are provided to facilitate child patients with no respiratory symptoms. 

4. Child Development Room

The child development room is designed to motivate creativity, support learning, and entertain children simultaneously and achieve objectives to encourage proper child development in children with muscular problems, developmental delays, ADHD, and emotional and behavioral disorders. The child development room is equipped with playthings with immediate care from a pediatrician.

5. Breastfeeding Room

A private and safe space in a calm and relaxing environment is provided for a mother breastfeeding with help and consultation from experienced nurses.

6. Bathroom for Children

To ensure the well-being of children, the bathroom for children with a diaper changing station is provided to facilitate both children and parents

7. Diagnostic Service with EKG

An electrocardiogram or EKG is a recording of the heart’s activity that allows a pediatrician to examine children’s health and diagnose if children are at risk of any heart diseases to provide proper treatment.

8. Diagnostic Service with Echocardiogram

An echocardiogram is a well-known test that uses ultrasound to understand how the heart is working. The echocardiogram will enable a pediatrician to diagnose and identify the severity of heart diseases or coronary artery diseases.

9. Coronary CT Angiography

A Coronary CT Angiography is used to detect abnormalities in coronary arteries, identify the risk of heart diseases and follow up on treatment results. 

10. INBODY: Body Composition Analysis

The InBody is used to measure the body composition of children such as water, muscle mass, fat mass, and bone density. This information will be used for health assessment.

I am a pediatrician who has been taking care of children for over 40 years. If parents who need consultation on dengue fever, asthma, vaccine, or suggestion on new vaccines can ask me for information.

Actually, I came from Samutprakan and then moved to Chiang Mai for a bachelor’s degree. I graduated with a medical degree, a doctor of medicine from Chiang Mai University in 1975, and a specialty in pediatrics in 1979. I can speak Thai, and a little bit of the Lanna dialect.

In my leisure time, I will do the garden and take my grandchildren to do outdoor activities such as planting a tree, raising chickens, and collecting chicken eggs to as allow children to learn, have fun, and exercise at the same time. If children want to be healthy, they must do frequent exercise.