Why Childhood Vaccinations are Important

Related Pediatric Clinic | Date August 8, 2019
What is a vaccine?

A vaccine is a preparation used to stimulate the body’s production of antibodies and provide immunity against a particular disease.

Why should every child be vaccinated?
  • A vaccination can save your baby’s life
  • Vaccination protects your child from deadly disease
  • Vaccination is the most effective way to build immunity to a disease
  • Vaccination minimises the risk of childhood disability

For example, measles is a dangerous virus for a child. It can lead to distorted vision, brain and lung infections, and even death. A measles vaccination can eliminate all these risks. The Center for Disease Control in the USA reported a decrease in deaths from measles by 74% following mass vaccinations of the population.

Vaccinations protect your family and community

When the vaccination rate in your town or village is high, viruses struggle to establish themselves because there are fewer targets for them to attack. Therefore, when the vaccination rate in the population is high, a community immunity occurs that protects the most vulnerable people in our society against attack by viruses.

Vaccines can eradicate diseases

Smallpox throughout recorded history has killed hundreds of thousands of people, but since the introduction of a smallpox vaccine the disease has been completely eradicated. Smallpox no longer exists on planet Earth. The polio virus is declining in a similar fashion. By ensuring your children are vaccinated, you help speed up the eradication of diseases so that future generations will not have to suffer them.

Is vaccination cost effective?

The cost of a vaccination is tiny compared to the monetary, time and emotional costs of caring for a diseased family member for a lifetime.

Side-effects of vaccination

Every vaccination causes a certain amount of pain and swelling at the site of the injection. This is perfectly normal. They are signs that the vaccination has “taken” and show that the body is working hard to develop antibodies.

The gift of life long health

For the health of your child there is no better gift than to vaccinate him or her while young. A vaccination protects your child all day, every day, no matter the conditions or environment.

Recommended Vaccination Schedule

In Thailand, there are several vaccines that are routinely recommended for new born and adolescents between the age of birth until 16 years of age. Following are the vaccines recommended for each of your child’s developmental stage:

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