Treat Chronic Back Pain Without Surgery

Here comes the good news! A new non-surgical treatment for chronic back pain called "Pain Intervention" is now available for patients who don't want to undergo surgery. It’s also a non-surgical treatment option for those who can't pinpoint the location of their back pain.


Treat Chronic Back Pain Without Surgery - Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai


Chronic Back Pain Can Be Treated Even if Patients Are Unable to Locate Pain Positions
Because back pain can be caused by a variety of factors, some individuals may be unable to offer correct information regarding their symptoms or causes, such as whether they are suffering from muscle pain, spine pain, nerve pain, facet joint pain, or ruptured disc pain. Consequently, it's critical to have an appropriate diagnosis. A physician must inquire about a patient's medical history, conduct a physical examination, and prescribe X-rays or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
Surgery is not the only therapeutic option available, and it is not appropriate for many individuals. As a result, a physician may recommend "Pain Intervention" instead.


Pain Intervention Treatment

During the treatment, a physician will use a tiny injection needle to help pinpoint the correct pain spot, while fluoroscopy will be utilized to see the region and spine on a video display. This can guarantee precise needle insertion and confirm which pain locations should be treated with surgery or intervention.

However, spinal intervention is not the only treatment option; there are additional treatment options that can be used in conjunction with spinal intervention, such as using a small needle to deliver radiofrequency ablation, which is an invasive procedure that destroys the nerve fibers that carry pain signals and helps to stop pain transmission. The treatment will relieve the patient's discomfort and allow them to participate in physical therapy, which is one of the most effective pain reduction methods.



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