Healthy Pregnancy

Date December 27, 2017

The most important thing new parents are concerned about is to have a healthy baby. In order to achieve this, preparation needs to start before pregnancy, and continue during and after childbirth.

What is the importance of genetics, environment and nutrition?

Genetic factors play an important role in the health of a baby. With new technology, we can diagnose, detect and identify potential abnormalities before the birth of a baby. We can eliminate potential abnormal genes that can affect the fetus using the process of selecting and isolating strong and healthy sperms, healthy eggs and other special techniques. Fetal development stimulation and good diet during pregnancy can also have an impact on the intelligence and health of the baby. The Obstetrician plays a vital role in preparing a new mother before becoming pregnant by diagnosing any risks and finding treatments to prevent any potential harm to the mother and fetus.
Caring for a pregnancy is divided into three stages. In the first trimester, the focus will be on identifying potential risks and diseases that can affect the mother and her fetus. During the second trimester, the focus is on the fetus’s health and wellbeing. Ultrasounds are performed to identify chromosome abnormalities and vaccinations are used to boost the immune system of the mother. During the third trimester, the focus is on preparation for the birth of the infant, caring of the newborn, monitoring for signs of pre-term labor, and the healthy development of the fetus.
The health of the baby and mother is a top priority for the team of physicians and nurses at Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai Health Pregnancy Program. The Healthy Pregnancy Program is a designed to help mothers-to-be have a healthy pregnancy and baby, provide information, support and guidance during pregnancy and after their babies are born.