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Orthopedic Clinic of Bangkok Chiang Mai Hospital Chiang Mai is a medical center which offers treatments for bone, tendon, muscle, and nerve disorders, and provides a full range of services including diagnosis and non-surgical treatment, and surgical treatment such as open surgery, arthroscopic surgery and minimal invasive surgery.

Orthopedic Clinic of Bangkok Chiang Mai Hospital has specialized and experienced doctors including hip and knee surgeons, hand and microsurgery, pediatric orthopedics surgery, and sports medicine. There are committed to fully providing the best treatments with international standards.

Bone and Joint Orthopedic Services

  • X-ray examination is the use of X-rays in electromagnetic waves to diagnose bone disorders. It can be used for primary abnormalities such as broken bones or infections, arthritis, cancer or bone tumors, etc.
  • Computer Tomography (CT) is a high sensitivity test for bone diseases. It is used to screen many types of bone diseases and injuries.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a high resolution test for soft tissue organs. It is often used in the assessment of patients with bone pain which are not detected by plain X-ray or diagnosis of other muscles, ligaments and nerves pathology.
  • Bone Densitometry the bone density test is the examination for bone health or diagnosis for osteoporosis.

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