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The health and well-being of pilot and crew are at the heart of an efficient flying operation. Therefore, your wellness should never be ignored or taken for granted.

Flying in Good Health

The Aviation Medicine Clinic at Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai offers required medical examinations necessary for:

  • Commercial pilots
  • Private pilots
  • Balloon pilots
  • Glider pilots
  • Ultra-light pilots
  • Aircrew
  • Air traffic controllers

The Aviation Medicine Clinic at Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai also offers a regular health check-up to ensure you are in top flying condition at all times. The early detection of symptoms and signals from the body reduces the risks of physical illness and the economic hardships of being “grounded”.

As well as an annual health check-up, you can help yourself throughout the year by adopting a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, eating a varied diet, and by avoiding alcohol and tobacco.

Aviation Medicine Clinic Services

  • Fully equipped Aviation Medicine Clinic
  • Staffed by specialists in Aviation Medicine
  • Customised program for pilots and crew
  • 24 hour turn around for results

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