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For the past two years, we've all been living with COVID-19. Our way of life has changed in a variety of ways, including work, finances, love, and health. Whether as a result of one-time occurrences or gradual changes in daily living, a "Loss of Life Balance" might occur.



Life of Balance Stress Worry - Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai


We become angry with others at the tiniest of things.

We lose our appetite for food.

We cry a lot, and we cry alone at times.

We're panicked, discouraged, and lonely, and it's all happened out of nowhere.

We are dissatisfied, yet we are unable to accept it right immediately.

We try to get stronger till our energy runs out.

And some nights it's difficult for us to get to sleep.



"We Should See a Doctor Whenever These Feelings Occur

and Have an Impact on Our Daily Lives."



While stress has some advantages, such as assisting us in developing new life and job capacities, too much stress can demotivate us and lead to emotional and behavioral expressions that can be troublesome in relationships and at work. The degree of stress and anxiety is determined by how frequently they occur, such as recurrent anxiety for which there are no remedies. Until we run into these issues on a long-term basis. If we were easily enraged, it would have an impact on those around us. They don't understand what we're saying, we don't believe anyone understands us or that we can trust anyone, and we don't want to live in this world anymore. Now is the time to get advice from a qualified expert doctor.

When our mind and body are affected by long-term stress and anxiety, we may become "sick" from the reactions to various difficulties and the varied ways in which we manage them. When we are overly worried and can't seem to find a way out, we usually turn to our loved ones, family, or friends for support in expressing our negative emotions and receiving positive recommendations.

Another companion and a great technique to convey or discover the perfect solution is a "psychologist." And the expert doctor is willing to listen without passing judgment, help with tension resolution, and, most importantly, consider personal secrets.


 “New Balance” Is One Another Design of Happiness,

Which Is a Collaboration Between Patients and Doctors.


Our psychologists from Mental Health Clinic at Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai will collaborate with the patient to design a mental health treatment plan that will assist them in achieving a new balance until we find the "method of treatment that considers previous attitude and behavior" of living, without going against the patient's nature, and that will lead to long-term treatment and truly solve a problem.

Happiness is achieved when our mind and emotions are brought into a "new balance" that enables us to cope with change while maintaining a healthy mind and body for a longer life.



Dr. Surachet Pongtanya

Psychiatry Specialty

Mental Health Clinc | Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai