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Privacy Policy

User’s privacy is an important aspect of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PLC (“BDMS”) and our organization and its website are committed to maintaining confidential information.

I. Users’ Data

BDMS’ website automatically logs user’s information such as: this information is not used in parts or whole or in connection to other data on the basis of personal identification.
BDMS website collects information that are provided ‘voluntarily’ (e.g. name/address/e-mail address) through various online queries and forms. Such information will not to be used for contacting purposes unless users have specified otherwise.
However, the ‘voluntarily’ provided information will be used by BDMS to provide general and specific health related articles, issues, newsletters or similar publications known as subscriptions, including reminders for scheduled doctor’s appointment or medical visitations as needed.

II. Use of Data

Statistical information and track records of user’s pattern and frequency of visitations are used for internal analysis to improve the site’s contents and functionalities.

III. Data Management

User’s data gathered on BDMS websites are not for sale, distribution, or disclosed to third parties.

IV. Cookies

Cookies are small data files that automatically write data from visited websites onto the computer’s memory enabling websites to recognize the user after the initial use. Cookies are able to record voluntarily provided information. BDMS does not use Cookies on its public portion of the website except in the secured areas which are only accessible by authorized IT staff of BDMS.

V. Security

BDMS places optimum priority for personal information and protects all on and offline encrypted data behind firewalls. Servers are highly monitored and placed in secure environment that are accessible only by trained and authorized IT personnel of BDMS.

VI. Correcting and updating information

Please contact our webmaster for any changes or updates of personal information.

VII. Notification of Changes

BDMS reserves the rights to amend its ‘process’ of gathering and utilizing user’s information according to its needs and / or changes in line with technological advances, without advance notice. However at its own discretion, BDMS may post a 30 day advance notice on its website to inform its users of the changes in the Terms and Conditions. Users are able to contact the webmaster to unsubscribe to the sites and it services within the 30 days otherwise subscription is considered valid and consented by the original user.

VIII. Links to Third Party Sites.

Our websites may contain links to other websites. BDMS is not responsible for any terms and conditions that are applicable to the third party’s contents and services.

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